The Top 5 Scariest Places Around Los Angeles

1. The Old Griffith Park Zoo

the_lockup (1)By many accounts, all of Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, and the area around it, is haunted. Stories of Ghosts in the park have been told since its’ opening in the late 1800’s. From the spirits of the famed observatory, to the ghosts of the Hollywood sign, there isn’t a place in Griffith park that hasn’t seen some sort of paranormal activity. But no place is as peculiar as the Old L.A. Zoo. The Zoo was opened in 1912 and remained the main L.A. Zoo until it closed in 1965 with the opening of the new L.A. zoo a few miles away. Many of the animal enclosures that were built in the 1930’s are still in there, available for tourists and thrill seekers to wander around in. It is said that not only are these cages haunted by people (with full bodied apparitions being sighted numerous times), but by the animals kept at the zoo seem to haunt the cages as well. Tales of ghostly animal growls being heard inside the enclosures abound. The creepy vibe of the place in enhanced by the inhuman condition the animals must have lived in in these horrifying cages made even more sinister by the tagging from L.A.’s notorious gangs. So if you have some time, and the nerve, make sure to check out the Old L.A. Zoo while in Griffith Park.