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Making a Video Flight Path Map – Start to Finish

(Tutorial Video is at the Bottom of the Page) It is a staple in the storytelling language of the action adventure film. When your hero has to travel a long distance, you simply cut to a map, and show the path the hero is taking to get there. This was famously done in the Indiana […]


Blowing Up Footage in a Digital World

We have all seen it in movies or on TV: The cops have some wide angle surveillance video, and the want to zoom in on that guy way back in the corner. Someone types a few things into the computer, and the image blows up to a crystal clear HD image of the suspect. We […]


The Superiority of Practical Effects: The Thing

The Glory Days of Practical Effects When I first moved to Hollywood and started working in the Special Effects Industry in 1996, there was a general rule that all effects artists judged their work by: If it looks like an effect, you failed. We strived to make things life like, and no dime was spared in […]