Promote Your Independent Film

Do You have a Film Or film related service that you would like to promote?

Do you need valuable backlinks to drive traffic to your website?

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Why is this important?

So you have a product, or you have made a movie, now what? you have to market it.

I know what you are thinking: “I’m not a marketer”. I know, however, I am. So I am going to explain to you how this works, and why it is important. 

Press Releases and Reviews

When people search online for your product, you want them to find you. So, the more pages that are about you, the better the chances are that your consumer will not end up on your competitors page. A review or press release on my page will have links back to your page, or to buy your movie or product from wherever you are selling it. I will also embed your trailer, ad, or any other youtube video you want me to embed.

But What About Backlinks?

Backlinks are links on another page that point back to your page. Backlinks are the hidden weapon of internet marketing. Search engines (like Google) use many things to judge the value of the content on a page so that they can determine where to place it in the search results. One of the more important things they use, is backlinks. The theory goes: it doesn’t matter how important you say you are, what matters is what other people say about you. If other websites link back to your website, then that means those sites think you are important. This carries even more weight when the linking website is in the same relative topic as you are. (so my website about independent film making is a good place to get a link to your website about an independent film, or film making tools or services)