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Is A Large Format Sensor Size Always Better?

These days, it seems everyone is jumping on the “bigger is better” bandwagon when it comes to image sensors for motion picture use. But is a large format sensor better for your project? Well, that honestly depends on your project. What Are Your Sensor Size Options? Arri recently announced their Alexa Min LF. This camera […]


The Truth About Your Video Resolution

Many years ago, in Hollywood, there was a study done to develop a standard for cinema exhibition. At the time, movie theaters were getting ready to make the switch from film projection to digital projection and there was a question as to whether 2k projectors were good enough or if theaters should spend the extra […]


Lensbaby Composer Pro Review for Film Makers

So I recently picked up a Lensbaby Composer Pro for the Canon EF mount. For those of you that don’t know, the Lensbaby Composer Pro is an effect lens that basically puts the front element of the lens on a ball swivel. This gives you the ability to throw parts of the frame wildly out […]