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Zombicon 2013 | Ft Myers Florida

Steam Punk Zombies That’s right, the theme for 2013’s Zombiecon in Ft Myers Florida was The Time Machine. Those folks in Southwest Florida know how to do their zombie events right. Why shouldn’t they? they have the pedigree. Ft Myers was one of the shooting locations for George Romero’s Day of the Dead. To add […]


Independent Horror News 10-17-06

Headlines Hello, I’m Julie O’Malley, and welcome to a very special October 2006 episode of IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up we have a review of Eli Roth’s Hostel, and a very special celebrity interview, but first, this month’s headlines. has reported that Director Ronnie Yu will be making a live action feature based […]


Independent Horror News 4-25-2006

Headlines Hello, I am Jullie O’Malley and welcome to IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up on this episode we have a review of Kibakichi, and this months exclusive interview. But first our top stories. Dario Argento Spoke with the press in Belgrade where he said he will be shooting an episode of Masters Of Horror […]


Independent Horror News 3-21-2006

Headlines Hello. I’m Julie O’malley your host, and welcome to the March episode of IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up, we have a special interview with Timothy Muskatell, star of The Ghouls, Hell Asylum, and many more, Erica Doering reviews Fungicide, and this months DVD forecast, but first, our top stories. Fangoria announced that the […]


Independent Horror News 02-20-2006

Headlines Welcome to IHN, Independent Horror News. I am your host Julie O’Malley and this is our debut episode. Coming up we have an exclusive interview with “THE GHOULS” director Chad Ferrin. But first, our top stories. Fangoria reported that Mike Watt announced the completion of the epic 7 years in the making zombie film […]

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