Independent Horror News 3-21-2006


Hello. I’m Julie O’malley your host, and welcome to the March episode of IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up, we have a special interview with Timothy Muskatell, star of The Ghouls, Hell Asylum, and many more, Erica Doering reviews Fungicide, and this months DVD forecast, but first, our top stories.

Fangoria announced that the script for Dario Argento’s third “mother” film, rounding out the trilogy started with Suspiria, and continuing to Inferno, has been completed. Penned by the scriptwriters of Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders, the film is tentatively titled Exhumed.

Dimension Films has announced that Eli Roth is set to direct the screen adaptation of Steven Kings new novel “Cell” as soon as he wraps up Hostel 2.

Insider reports tell us that the new Loyd Kaufman directed troma pic Poultrygeist is nearing the end of postproduction and should see a release sometime this year. Also we hear that Chris Seaver of Filthy McNasty and Scrotal Vengance fame is set to direct Tromas new “Dolphin Man” film.

Variety reports that Movie Eye Entertainment, Filmko Entertainment, and Five star Productions have teamed up for the 2.5 million horror anthology piece “Black Night” Although distribution in numerous Asian markets has already been set, a US deal has yet to be signed. The film, already finishing post production, is set to premiere at the Hong Kong film festival this month.

Also of interest, Beginning April 2nd at midnight, Sundance channel will begin running a showcase series featuring films from the new wave of Asian horror. The series kicks of with the US television premiere of director Jee-Woon Kim’s “A Tale of two Sisters”

In other news, Jonathan Liebesman, director of the upcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Origin, and Darkness Falls is rumored to be directing the new Friday the 13th film which the producers have stated although it is a “reworking” of the film, ala the current onslaught of remakes, it will defiantly star a Hockey mask wearing Jason as the killer.

That’s our headlines, and now, this months DVD forecast.

DVD Forecast

Erica Doering’s Movie Review

This Month Erica reviews Fungacide! Click hear to read the full review!

Exclusive Interview with Actor Timothy Muskatell

That about wraps up this months IHN: Independent Horror News, until next month, Have a Bloody good time at the movies!