Independent Horror News 02-20-2006


Welcome to IHN, Independent Horror News. I am your host Julie O’Malley and this is our debut episode. Coming up we have an exclusive interview with “THE GHOULS” director Chad Ferrin. But first, our top stories.

Fangoria reported that Mike Watt announced the completion of the epic 7 years in the making zombie film “THE RESURRECTION GAME“.

Glenn Danzigs Verotik Publishing and Moorehead Productions announced this month the release of “GRUB GIRL”. The story of a zombie hooker bent on revenge, “GRUB GIRL” is directed by veteran Adult film director Craven Moorehead, and stars adult film actress Brittney Skye.

Special ghost films announced the premiere of “SPECIAL DEAD” at an as of yet unannounced location in Hollywood for the end of February. Described as “Evil Dead” meets “Something about Mary“, “SPECIAL DEAD” is the story of zombies attacking a summer camp for the mentally handicapped.

Variety announced that picturehouse has acquired North American distribution rights to Guillermo Del Toro’s new Spanish language film, the supernatural thriller, “PAN’S LABYRINTH.”

Also worth a mention, Variety reports that New Line has announced a new Friday the 13th movie set for a Friday Oct. 13th2006 release. This newest addition to the franchise will explore the origins of Jason.

And last, congratulations to our genres Oscar nominees, Howard Berger for best makeup on “CHRONICLES OF NARNIA”, Josh Olson is up for Best Adapted Screenplay for David Cronenberg’s “A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE”, And Peter Jacksons “KING KONG” is in the running for best Visual effects.

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Movie Review

This Month, Erica Doering Reviews the movie Gag. Directed by and Staring Scot McKinlay. Click here to read the whole review.

Exclusive Interview with Director Chad Ferrin

Well that about wraps up this issue of IHN, Independent Horror News… to go. We will be back next month with the best in Independent Horror NMews. I am your host Julie O’Malley and Have a Bloody good time at the movies