Independent Horror News 4-25-2006


Hello, I am Jullie O’Malley and welcome to IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up on this episode we have a review of Kibakichi, and this months exclusive interview. But first our top stories.

Dario Argento Spoke with the press in Belgrade where he said he will be shooting an episode of Masters Of Horror this month, His third Mother film will begin shooting in September, and he has been offered an HD project to Direct for Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney’s production house. Argent also stated that he will be returning to the Baroc style of Suspiria, and Inferno, for he has grone tired of the pseudo realistic look of his recent work.

Pit of Horror released an interview with Robert England in which he announced that New Line is moving forward on a Nightmare on Elm Street prequel. John McNaughton from Henry Portrait of a serial killer is signed to direct

James Gunn has announced his upcoming Satan project will be entitled “Scratch”. More news on that when we get it.

Fangoria reports that Anchor Bay will finally be releasing Cemetery man aka dellamorte Dellamore to US audiences. Along with a new anamorphic transfer, the disc will also contain a making of featurettte with all new interviews. The DVD is set for a June 13th release.

Darin over at Brain Damage has been keeping busy picking up the rights to several new genre films including Bleed, Blood Rites, Hell Hath No Fury, Skeleton Key, Shadow Hunters, Nutcracker, The Crate, Life Blood, and Unborn Sins. Judging from Brain Damages previous releases, we can’t wait to see these.

That wraps up our headlines for April, stay tuned for our exclusive celebrity interview, and this months movie review. But first, our new and improved DVD forecast.

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Well that wraps up this months IHN: Independent Horror News. Until Next time, Have a bloody good time at the movies.