Independent Horror News 10-17-06


Hello, I’m Julie O’Malley, and welcome to a very special October 2006 episode of IHN: Independent Horror News. Coming up we have a review of Eli Roth’s Hostel, and a very special celebrity interview, but first, this month’s headlines. has reported that Director Ronnie Yu will be making a live action feature based on the wildly popular anime Blood the Last Vampire, however Yu has changed the timeframe of the film from the 1960’s to 1948.

Jensen Ackles from the hit show Supernatural is in talks to take the role of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil Afterlife. This will be the 4th film in the Resident Evil franchise to follow Resident Evil: Extinction that is currently in production.

Chad Ferrin’s Easter Bunny Kill, Kill is on the festival circuit, and will be screening at the Hollywood Horror and Sci Fi Film Festival in Hollywood CA, Tom’s River Halloween Film Festival in New Jersey, and at the Tromadance New Mexico film festival in Albuquerque. This Film is generating quite a bit of buzz around town after already being passed on for being too disturbing by some distributors.

Filmax and Lemon films are teaming up to bring us Child’s Game, an English language remake of the 1976 film Who Could Kill a Child, originally released in the US under the title Island of the Damned, which was loosely based off the book El Juego De Los Ninos. Ok… Now even I’m Lost… next story.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!, The new film about blood thirsty zombies attacking a strip club is currently shooting in Florida. First time Director Jason Murphy recently raved to Fangoria magazine about his cast whose recent credits include FHM, Maxim, and Playboy. Well if that’s not must see TV, I’m not sure what is.

Jose Mojica Marins new film Embodiment of Evil is now officially in preproduction. This film, which is the third in the famed Coffin Joe trilogy is being described by producer Dennison Ramalho as “Really fucked up, ultra violent and gory.” We here at IHN say sweet, sweet, sweet.

For those in our audience who can’t get enough of super scream queen Tiffany Shepis (who was oddly overlooked for both a scream award and a chainsaw award): The Abominable DVD hits the streets this month, and there is plenty more on the way. With around a dozen films in some form of post production. Tiffany has been in Italy for Nympha, Tennessee to shoot the ghost story Shudder, and will be In Los Angeles shooting Dark Reel in October.

That’s it for headlines, and now October’s DVD forecast.

 DVD Forecast

Definitely a few must haves there. We’ll be right back with a review of Hostel, and this months celebrity interview.


That about wraps up this months IHN until next time, have a bloody good time at the movies.