The Coke Witch Project


In the essence of full disclosure, I submit this gem from my own archive of trash. This Short Film, The Coke Witch Project, was shot on… I believe a JVC consumer model SVHS-C Camcorder. This was edited in camera (because who had a computer in 1999?). I believe the… ehhhhmmm… snazzy titles and credits where added a few years later when I finally got my hand on some sort of software and computer.

The dubious circumstances behind the production of “The Coke Witch Project” are as follows: My friend Regina Bailey and I had just seen The Blair Witch Project, and were horrified by how cheap and crappy it was. We decided anybody could do that crap, so we grabbed a camcorder, walked into Griffith Park, and shot what you see. The end.

Cast & Crew


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