Dinner with John – Horror Short Film

The Only Good Cookie, Is A Halloween Cookie


John-puppet (1)Set up by her cousin, Debbie goes on a dinner date with a guy named John.
What Debbie doesn’t know is John has more planned for her than just dinner & dessert.

Dinner With John is a short film about a blind date between Debbie (played by Meg Murderrher) and John (played by Brendan Abernathy). Johns a great cook, but he seems to have an unnatural obsession with Halloween cookies… and clowns.

dinner-with-john-selfie (1)Director Carson Griffin plays the evil clown John sees in his mind that convinces him and his puppet friends to do some not so nice things to Debbie.

If you are one of those people who don’t like clowns… or blind dates, this may be a bit terrifying for you. Although I am personally not a huge fan of “shaky cam”, this short uses it a bit more appropriately then most but giving us the shaky strange views as a part of Johns decent into madness, and Debbies head injury. Overall, I would say the directing and editing style of this horror short film is more along the lines of a music video then a “suspense drama”. If you are open to it, it is very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what else this team has up their sleeves.

For more information about the work Carson Griffin and his company Sea Griffin is doing, check out their website!

  • Directed by Carson Griffin
  • Written by Carson Griffin & Teri Harrison
  • Edited by Teri Harrison & Carson Griffin

  • Starring
  • Brendan Abernathy,
  • Meg Murderrher,
  • and Carson Griffin.