The Toolbox Murders 3 Crowdfunding for Backers

Are you a fan of the horror classic The Toolbox Murders? Help a terrific team complete the “trifecta of terror” by playing a part in the making of Toolbox Murders 3:

toolboxmurdersposter (1)In 1977, Tony DiDio, inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, released The Toolbox Murders.   Directed by Dennis Donnelly, and starring Cameron Mitchell, the movie found it’s own cult following around the world.

DVD Verdict said the film was “a cut above (no pun intended) your average exploitation horror film … The first half is gruesome. The last half is unsettling.”  The Toolbox Murders was banned in the United Kingdom and, to date, there is no uncut UK release.  The Toolbox Murders is a favorite with film classes as a study in low budget indie filmmaking, and was selected by author Stephen King as one of the 10 scariest films of all time in 1984 for TV Guide.

In 2003, Tony rebooted the Toolbox Murders title by enlisting the great Tobe Hooper himself to direct a new script penned by Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson.  The script paid hommage to the great Italian Giallo films of the Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento.  The movie was directed with Tobe Hooper’s genius asthetic for horror. Now skip to August 4th, 2015, when we are pleased to announce the release Toolbox Murders 2: coming to DVD and Blu Ray in the United States and Canada,   It’s destined to be another terrific indie hit!

Now we come to you with Toolbox Murders 3.

We can’t say a lot about the script at this point.  We are keeping it hush-hush on purpose. There is a lot of theories about who the TBK is.  If you want the inside track on the story and script, then there is a perk for that (See Signed Script).

We can say that there are a lot of theories about who TBK is and why he does the morbid and ruthless things that he does.  We hope to take a great big stab at answering so many unanswered questions that keep piling up in past Toolbox Murders movies.

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