Horror Short Film – Dollface

Dollface Short Film Horror

DOLLFACE is a short horror movie made in 51 hours for the 2011 Producers’ Guild’s Debra Hill short film contest. 

I am pretty impressed with this short film. it is well lit, well shot and well acted. The look, and locations are awesome, and the editing is seamless. The story , however, is a bit off. 

The story of Dollface begins with a couple playing chess at home alone on Halloween. When a trick or treater arrives at the door, the husband is shocked by the creepy makeup the full grown trick or treater is wearing. After giving her candy and shutting the door, he checks to make sure the creepy woman left. She did, but she left behind her purse. Seeing that the address on the id is right around the corner, He goes over there to return the purse alone.​

We next see the wife showing up to a small boutique looking for her husband. He has apparently been missing for 4 hours. from here everyone is suspicious, and seems to have ulterior motives. The pacing is great, and the actors do a great job of bringing you the fear, confusion, and emotion of the moment. With so many twists, and turns the ending seems a bit to contrived for me, but I may just be jaded to everyone’s crazy twists.

Overall this is a technically really good short film. What do you think? leave your thoughts in the comments below.




Director/Producer – COLIN CAMPBELL Producer – MATT IMA Writer – JOHN SYLVAIN Cinematography – FORTUNATO PROCOPIO Editor – MOLLY FITZJARRALD Composer – JIM LANG 1st AC – CHRIS PHELPS Gaffer – CHRIS SOULE Electrician – MICAH TARREL Audio – JOHNNY KARLSSON Make-Up, Special Effects Make-Up – RACHEL KOOYMAN Costumes – JESSICA DOOLEY DI Technician – DAN MOSES Titles – TREVOR GILCHRIST Production – BRIAN LERNER Production – MARTIN LEMUS Production – SHEKU BELL Production – AYA MASUDA