Something is lurking in the shadows in the Horror Short “Lights Out”

Lights Out

As part of the 2013 Who’s There Film Challenge David F. Sandbergs short film Lights Out is sure to give you a jump.

This streaming short horror film follows a woman getting ready for bed. She is haunted by a presence in her house with her. Hiding under the covers won’t save her. At just under 3 minutes, this project does alright at building tension up to a well executed “scare”.

Obviously shot without a budget, Lights Out is still very effective. It would be interesting to see what Mr Sandberg could do if he had some craftsman behind him.

Just as an off note, and if the cinema gods are listening, some A-list celebrity needs to get with some top notch film crew and “spoof” this shot for shot… that would rock, (are you listening to me KimmelFallon?)

Behind the Scenes of the Streaming Short Horror Film Lights Out

Mr Sandberg (who won “Best Director” for Lights Out) made available a behind the scenes look at how he made the final shot in the film. ┬áCheck it out below: