Independent horror news 12-24-2006


Hello I’m Julie O’Malley, and welcome to the November/December edition of IHN: Independent Horror News.¬†Coming up we have a review of Slither, and your Christmas dvd forecast, but first, headlines.

Ryuhei Kitamura is taking over the directors chair for Midnight Meat Train, the new Clive Barker adaptation. Kitamura, best known for his zombie samuri yakuza flic Versus, will be taking over for Patrick Tatopoulos who has left to focus on his efx shop.

Paul W.S. Anderson, the director responsible for the first Resident Evil film, will next tackle a film adaptation of Castlevania. The story is set to take place mostly in 15th century transilvania, but will also explore Dracula’s beginnings as Vlad the Impaler.

In yet another Hollywood remake of a great Asian film, Jessica Alba is set to star in the remake of The Eye. Let’s hope this time the remake will be as good as the original 2003 Angelica Lee version of The Eye.

The Los Angeles times is reporting that an unproduced vampire script from deceased pulitzer and Nobel prize winning author William Faulkner is going into production. Although, oddly, the producers have decided to change the setting of the film from eastern Europe to the United States deep south. We can only hope the producers don’t stray to far from the original, or try to bury the film in bad computer effects.

For those of you in a Christmas sort of mood, Director Lewis Jackson was recently caught raving about the new disc of his yuletide classic Christmas Evil. The new disc will feature a different cut then previous discs, an all new transfer, and original screen tests.

Thats all for headlines, stay tuned for our review of Slither, and this holiday seasons DVD forecast .

That about wraps up this episode of IHN, we will be on hiatus until January. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and a bloody good time at the movies.

*Special Note:

This episode almost wasn’t made. Scheduling problems kept me from being able to shoot any of the segments before everyone went out of town for the Holidays. Determined (as I tend to get), I went ahead and did this all myself because I was convinced having something done was better then nothing. Therefore, I skipped the movie review, and DVD forecast…