Help get Ominous: The Movie made!

ominous-the-movieWe may view urban legends today as trite and sentimental. These “friend of a friend” macabre stories, polished or pock-marked over the years with updated, timely details or absurd twists have cemented their place in our American cannon of folklore.

Kidney heists, Bloody Mary, alligators in the sewer: all resonate tales because in their lack of specificity they become eerily plausible, and we recognize a familiar predicament—one we’d dread.

Ominous is based on classic The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs. However, this story is not based on spurious, slightly removed accounts. In true form to what makes this genre particularly terrifying and has instilled its longevity—it really happened. On March 18, 1950 Janet Christman was brutally murdered while she babysat. Ominous, set in 1965, is loosely based on this tragic event.

The crime remains unsolved.


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