Banshee – Horror Short Film

Four friends on a weekend trip to Ireland quickly realized that the Banshee is not just an urban myth

Written/Directed by Michael Elkin, Produced by Catherine Laine

Official selection at:

  • Brancage Film Festival 2010
  • Brain Wash Horror New York 2010
  • London Short Film Festival 2011
  • Big Easy Orlando Film Festival 2011

What all the Screaming is about

banshee-screen-shotSo I found myself scouring the interwebs again looking for something fun to watch. What did I find? I found this horror short film called Banshee. Coming in at 6:11 with around a minute of credits, this horror short film is one that actually could have used more time. There is definitely not enough time to get to know the characters, and the exposition that we do get is used to set up specific plot points so precisely that they almost seemed like spoilers.

The editing is quick, and works well for most of the movie, but did leave me confused in a few scenes. (was that old lady in the room with the girls?).  The lighting worked sometimes, and other times was a bit dark. The shots were framed nicely, but the camera had a very annoying shake that would have rendered this unwatchable if it had been a longer format.

cathrine-laine (1)The story was fun, and really could be flushed out to make a much longer runtime project. The cast did a great job, and Catherine Laine’s Hannah really had you rooting for her to make it out alive. I just would have liked to spent a bit more time with these people, and had the story flushed out a bit more…

Overall I enjoyed this horror short film. What are your thoughts? comment below.